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In the early ages people did not produce an aesthetic figure. When we look at the old rock paintings, the figures drawn were the first stage of the transition to writing, and the figure became clearer and eventually evolved into the common writing language of humanity. These geometric motifs were used as writing by the first people.

The motifs and compositions of Kilims (rugs) were transferred from generation to generation without changing their colors. Although we are able to date other artworks to certain periods in terms of age and style, such a systematic description is not possible for Kilims(rugs) because Kilims(rugs) are as old as humanity.

The pillows made from the Anatolian Kilims(rugs) that we present to you are like a continuation of this human history, and each one is unique and has it is own meaning.

The tradition of Kilim(rugs), which is considered to be born in the regions where Turks live in Central Asia, has spread to Anatolia with the Seljuks and has been used from birth to death in terms of usage.

Thus, family, love, good luck, fertility, marriage, Not only the shapes and motifs of Kilims(rugs) but also their colors serve this situation.

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Turkish Carpet Rug