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Turkish Carpet Kilim (Rug) Pillow



     Carpet 018 A colorful vintage Turkish Avsar Kilim, Anatolian rug, Handwoven,Ottoman kilim

Product No : Carpet 018
Producer : Turkish Carpet Rug
Price : 900 USD 
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Avşar Kilim, This kilim pattern, which is named after the young girl representing the border, is in the Ottoman collection. Wolf mouth, waterway, hand and eye motifs were used. There are different tribes of the Turkish nation. One of them is Avsar tribe.

1- Most of the natural dyes colors used in this rug are obtained from vegetables roots
2- It is made around 1950's
3- Kilim size is 153.543" x 68.8976", 390cm x 175cm
4- It is made from hand-woven 100% Wool

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