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Turkish Carpet Kilim (Rug) Pillow



     A colorful vintage Turkish Kilim, Anatolian rug, Handwoven, HandMade, Ottoman kilim, Modern Motif

Product No : Carpet 024
Producer : Turkish Carpet Rug
Price : 450 USD 
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Modern Motif, HandWoven, It is made for as a wedding gift.

1- Most of the natural dyes colors used in this rug are obtained from vegetables roots
2- It is made around 1990's
3- Kilim size is 65.354" x 49.212", 166cm x 125cm
4- It is made from hand-woven, handmade 100% Wool

Easy Payment Methods: I accept all major credit/debit cards over SHOPIER (https://www.shopier.com/). You may pay with Shopier without setting up a Shopier account.
Paypal payment system is no longer available in Turkey since 6 june 2016.
Please use this instructions.
1-Place your order in ETSY and choose “Other” in Payment Options.
2-I will email you a Payment Request Form from Shopier
3-You will click on Pay Now and make your payment securely.

Shipping : Your order will be shipped in 2 business days via Turkish Post Cargo, and you will receive your purchase within 5-7 days from date of order.

Prompt Replacements: I will promptly replace any item that becomes lost or damaged during shipping.

Contact: If you have any question please write message from ETSY or turkishrugcarpet@gmail.com

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